1.Loose fuel cap:

A loose fuel cap is one of the most common reasons why the engine light could come on.It then prevents the fuel from leaving the fuel tank and giving out the correct pressure.

2.Catalytic converter failure:

The catalytic converter is connected to the vehicles exhaust system. Doing regular services like oil changes , can prevent this part from failing , or even removing it could also solve the problem.

3.Spark plug/Ignition coil failures:

Overall the ignition coils generates electricity that the spark plugs needs to ignite the air and fuel mixture. Also regarding spark plugs, if worn or faulty it can generate various issues such as engine misfire or hesitation under heavy acceleration.

4.Faulty spark plug wires:

These wires transfers electricity from coils to spark plugs. Without them the air and fuel mixture in the cylinders can’t ignite.

5.Mass airflow sensor failure:

This sensor monitors how much air enters the engine and is part of the engine management system. The vehicle would not be able to adjust changes in altitude without it.

6.Issues with aftermarket alarm:

This can cause drainage on the battery, trigger the engine light or even prevent vehicle from starting.

7.Vacuum leak:

The brake booster is vacuum-operated. There are many components to the vacuum system. Vacuum pipes/hoses can dry out or crack, especially when exposed to extreme heat or cold.

8.Exhaust gas recirculation valve failure:

This valve lowers the amount of nitrogen oxide that comes out of the engine to make it run more efficiently. In other words this is the EGR, it can be clogged up, but luckily it can be removed and blocked off.

9.Flat/Run-down battery:

This can-believe it or not- be a common cause for the engine light to unexpectedly pop up.


If uncertain or unsure about these problems , don’t hesitate and feel free to contact us for more information.