1. Combustion Leakage

Typical Appearance

Hard blackened face

Surface cracks

Discoloured eyelets





Leakage of combustion gases as a result of :

Insufficient clamping load



  1. Insufficient Torque

Typical Appearance

Displacement of gasket material

Cracking of bore eyelets

Few or no compression marks on facing

Gasket thickness nearly same as newgasket



Adding sealant during gasket installation

Head bolt problems

Tightening, damage and dirty threads

Bolt not re-torqued


  1. Coolant Seepage

Typical appearance

White residue covers water jacket areas





Chemical attack from coolant additive ( interior quality gaskets are especially prone to coolant.


  1. Corrosion

Typical appearance

Disintergration of gasket through to the steel core

Corrosion around the coolant passages

Split jacket eyelets

Brown marks left by corroded



Coolant not/inadequately  treated with corrosion inhibitor(especially with aluminium heads)


  1. Detonation/ Pre-Ignition

Typical appearance

Gasket material burned away between bores/problem areas

Discoloured eyelets

Combustion leakage parts



High compression ratio

Advanced ignition settings

Wrong fuel/air ratio

Octane ratio too low


Cause (Pre Ignition)        

Octane rating too low

Hot spot in combustion chamber

Wrong spark plug heat range

Incorrect camshaft timing

Insufficient cooling system causing localised overheating


  1. Split Bore Culot Rings

Typical Appearance

Displacement of gasket material

Cracked bore eyelets

Hard blackened face with cracks, etc.


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