Here are a few possible reasons why your vehicle may shake when accelerating :

1.You may have a damaged or broken engine mounting- Your engine mountings are the things that connects your engine to the frame of your vehicle. Once this is damaged or broken, the vehicle is somewhat more loose than usual and it may cause a vibration on your vehicle.

2.Another part that may cause vibration when accelerating are the inner CV joints. This will happen under heavy acceleration. Damaged CV joints may be due to tears in the CV boots.

3.Suspension damages are also a common feature that lead to vibration.  Your suspension consists out of : Control arms , ball joints and stabilizer links. If these parts are damaged or worn it may lead to severe vibration on acceleration.

4.Transmission fluids being low can also lead to a slight vibration. Luckily this one is pretty easy to resolve .

5.Worn brake pads or discs can also lead to your vehicle vibrating,  but with this one is may only occur when brakes are applied, you will then feel a slight shudder on your brake pedal caused by vibration of the vehicle.

The vibration may occur sometimes , but if it does occur often , do not hesitate to get it checked out . Especially when the vibration gets severe.

On the other hand.

  1. Dirty fuel injectors may cause your vehicle to jerk on acceleration. The dirty injector causes your vehicle to lose power when you try to accelerate. This is also a result of engine misfire.
  2. Blockages that prevents your vehicle from getting the correct amount of fuel can be a result of jerking. Air mixes with fuel to create a spray that powers your engine.
  3. Worn out spark plugs will find it difficult to ignite the fuel in the pistons fast enough. This can lead to the vehicle not accelerating a quickly as usual.
  4. Dirty air filters can be a cause due to this filter keeping dirty particles away from the engine. If it is so that this filter is dirty, it can no longer keep these particles out of the engine due to high mass off dirt already stuck on the filter.
  5. Damaged cylinders are a big reason and yet the most expensive reason why your vehicle may jerk. It affects your engine to work properly and will result in engine misfire.

Stay tuned for more tips , do’s and don’ts.