1.With its whopping 571 horse power , it is actually considered a great family vehicle . And not to get started on its amazing look. It is classified as the most powerful Audi branded vehicle.

2 .This outstanding vehicle is very similar to the famous tesla but just with a much better price class . Its quick on the road and feels like a sports car , but looks like a SUV.

3.It was first released in 2018 and used the same platform as the Porsche Cayenne . Its V6 engine will surprise you with its massive body.

4. With its amazing sleek profile , you can’t go wrong with this one, beast on the freeway, beast on the sports field- All in one it’s like a blown up cannonball. Only negative is its price!

5. Believe it or not , this one is one of the most successful Audi branded vehicles , for its stunning look it’s not as expensive like we all expect Audi to be. The front wheel produces as much as 188 horse power and 4 wheel as much as 248 horse power.

6. This beauty is not only a look but it’s a show as well , this is one of the most economic Audi branded vehicles and is a great family vehicle with its wide body there is plenty of room for the long road.

7. This one is a full sized luxury sedan . With its advanced tech features including driver assist it’s a no brainier that the A8 is definitely an awesome vehicle . Its 3L V6 engine will blow your mind away.

8. This executive class 5 door car has is an upgraded A6 but with a much heftier price tag . Still considered one of the top 10 Audi vehicles because of its 3L V6 engine .

9. This one is a favorite for many , it’s like and upgraded Q5 , but also comes with upgraded price. This one currently dominates the luxury SUV class .

10. This one ranks up to nearly the top of smaller luxury vehicles. It is unfortunately only an automatic transmission but this list would definitely be incomplete without the A5.